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In November 2014, Tó Trips and Filho da Mãe went on the road to Alentejo, stopping in Beja, Portalegre and Campo Maior. Music, wine and gastronomy made centre stage in the Alentejo horizon. And so was born Guitarras ao Alto, which RTP (Portuguese national TV station) recorded in a documentary. On January 2015, Tó Trips and the Filho da Mãe performed the lessons learned in Alentejo in Lisbon, at Teatro Maria Matos. The documentary premiered at RTP2 in March and was presented in London in May.

Wine partner: AdegaMayor

Poster: Maria João Lima and Luís Mileu

Musicians photos: Gonçalo Villaverde

More about Guitarras ao Alto

The artists

Tó Trips

Always on the cutting edge of Portuguese rock, Tó Trips doesn’t need any presentations. He is known for the bands Lulu Blind and Dead Combo, and for his numerous appearances on many other projects. Even his skills as a graphic designer are immediately recognised and appreciated.

“Guitar 66″ (2010) was his meditative solo debut on classical guitar, followed by a more African approach with ” Guitarra Makaka – Danças a um Deus Desconhecido” (2015).

“Guitarra 66” (2010) foi a a meditativa estreia a solo em guitarra clássica, a que se seguiu uma abordagem mais africana com “Guitarra Makaka — Danças a um Deus Desconhecido” (2015).

Filho da Mãe

Rui Carvalho, former guitarist in the bands “I Had Plans” and “If Lucy Fell”, is an artist that lives in another spectrum of expression – that of tension. Hence the name Filho da Mãe (“Son of a Bitch”). To attend a concert of his is an experience that combines the intrinsic dance between him and the guitar, the tenacity and amplitude of his musical movements, and the rediscovery of the guitar with each chord. “There are guitarists with electricity inside, and he is one of them,” said Tó Trips. He debuted with the record “Palácio” (2011), which opened the doors to “Cabeça” (2013) and “Mergulho” (2016).

Dates and Locations

November 20th

Beja, Casa da Cultura

Guitarras ao Alto kicked off in Beja, at Casa da Cultura, home of the International Comic Strip Festival and one of the cultural hearts of the Baixo Alentejo capital.

Novembro 21st

Portalegre, CAEP

On the second night of its existence, Guitarras ao Alto went up to the capital of Alto Alentejo and flooded with magic the Performing Arts Center of Portalegre.

November 22nd

Campo Maior, Adega Mayor

Guitarras ao Alto 1st edition closed with a golden key in Adega Mayor, designed by the architect Siza Vieira. And this was the space that inspired the project to leave the conventional rooms and adopt the Alentejan heritage as a stage.

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