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In June 2016, the guitars of Norberto Lobo and Luís Martins were raised high in Beirã-Marvão, Sousel and Évora. More than two long-time friends, two soul mates came together in Alentejo to experiment for the first time the sounds that shortly afterwards were published in their own records, respectively “Muxama” (2016) and “Tentos – Inventions and Incantations” (2017).

Wine partner: Virgo

Poster: Maria João Lima e João Maio Pinto

Ilustrations: João Maio Pinto

Photos: Ricardo Junqueira

More about Guitarras ao Alto

The artists

Luís José Martins

Musician – interpreter, creator, arranger and improviser. He develops his work between popular and contemporary music. Member of the projects Deolinda, Almost a Song, Powertrio and Turba Multa. He has composed, in partnership with Pedro da Silva Martins, songs for interpreters like António Zambujo, Ana Moura, Cristina Branco, Mariza, Hélder Moutinho, etc. He studied classical guitar in Lisbon, Paris, Orléans and Castelo Branco, having a degree in this instrument, and with Uruguayan master Betho Davezac, with whom he obtained the Diplôme de Perfectionnement (Conservatoire de Meudon/Paris).

Norberto Lobo

He’s the kind of musician who seems to invent traditions on his own. Of all that came out in Portugal in these last years, there are not many that concentrate so much admiration and affection. Because what Norberto does to the guitar is an exorcism. And in the moments when we hear him, with life going by, it is as if we were assured that everything will be just fine.

Dates and Locations

June 18th

Beirã-Marvão, Train Spot

Alentejo Tourism Awards 2014 (Best Rural Tourism)

Housed in the historical Marvão / Beirã train station, created in the 19th century and classified as Architectural Heritage, at Train Spot Guesthouse all the young at heart travellers live the experience of dreaming and waking up in an industrial era train station, surrounded by Serra de S. Mamede Natural Park, and a step away from the Portugal-Spain border.


June 19th

Sousel, Praça de Touros

Sousel is a municipality focused on creating a cultural brand image and to point out its difference in Alentejo’s great artistic / cultural / tourist potential. Sousel’s bullring is one of the two oldest in Portugal, if not the most ancient. A space that, due to its architecture and geolocation, is a memorable stage for cultural events.

Sousel Municipality

June 23rd

Évora, Feira de S. João

After a first edition in Beja and Portalegre, getting to Évora, and being able to be a part of the cultural and touristic greatness of the Capital of Alentejo and UNESCO World Heritage, was a dream come true. And to open the major local event that is Feira de S. João, was an even greater privilege.

Évora Municipality


Partners and Support