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Guitarras ao Alto returned in 2018 for its 4th edition, with Francisca Cortesão and Mariana Ricardo, who took a special show on the road throughout Alentejo, from May the 30th until June the 3rd. With an extra date in August. Just like in previous years, the concerts took place in venues that value the heritage and the landscape, always with a with a glass of wine at hand.

This edition’s novelty was the official sponsorship of Herdade de São Miguel wines, from Casa Relvas, one of Alentejo’s main wine producers, actively engaged in the promotion and dissemination of the region’s culture and tradition.

Designer José Mendes created the poster, with photos by Vera Marmelo.

More about Guitarras ao Alto

The artists

Francisca Cortesão

Born in Oporto in 1983. Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, her main project is, since 2006, Minta & The Brook Trout. She is also co-founder of the band They’re Heading West. Over the years she has collaborated, with voice and guitars, in concerts and recordings by Walter Benjamin, B Fachada, David Fonseca, Márcia, Sérgio Godinho, Tape Junk, Bruno Pernadas and Lena D’Água. In 2018 she was invited to compose for Portugal’s Festival da Canção.

Minta & The Book Trout

They’re Heading West

Mariana Ricardo

Born in Lisbon in 1980. Her work is divided between independent music and cinema. She started her musical activity in 1994, participating in several projects, namelly Pinhead Society and München. Mariana composed and performed soundtracks for films by João Nicolau, Manuel Mozos and Miguel Gomes, and has worked as a scriptwriter since 2005, having already co-signed arguments for films by these same directors. Currently she is part of the bands They’re Heading West, The Secret Museum of Mankind, Silence is a Boy and Minta & The Brook Trout.

Minta & The Book Trout

They’re Heading West

Dates and Locations

May 30

Estremoz / Maltezas Convent Cloister/Centro Ciência Viva


For the second time, the town where the organizer of the event lives hosted Guitarras ao Alto. And again, at Maltezas Convent, one of Estremoz most emblematic and central buildings, which today houses Évora University’s Centro Ciência Viva. A national monument since 1924, it firstly was St. John of Penance Convent; afterwards it became the only place of retreat of the Knights of Rhodes in Portugal, later integrated in the Order of Malta; it also served as the home of the nuns of this Order from the sixteenth century onwards; until it became the city Hospital.

Estremoz Municipality

Ciência Viva Estremoz Center

May 31st

Avis / S. Bento de Avis Convent Cloister


Invited by Avis Municipality for the second consecutive year, Guitarras ao Alto occupied once more the convent and the patrimonial pride of the village, dating from the thirteenth century. It represents the origin of the Portuguese Avis dynasty and was the headquarters of one of the most powerful military orders in the country. It’s a symbolic monument in the History of Portugal, which today houses the Interpretive Centre of the Order of Avis and the Campo Alentejano Museum.

Avis Municipality

June 1st

Beirã-Marvão / Trainspot

09.30 PM

Trainspot is already a Guitarras ao Alto trademark. For the third consecutive year, we headed to the old train station of Beirã-Marvão, to be received by the hospitality, sympathy and friendship of Lina and Eduardo’s guesthouse, and also by the audience of Northern Alentejo, who has received us so well all this time.

Trainspot guesthouse

June the 2nd

Redondo / Herdade de São Miguel

From 4PM

Herdade de São Miguel, located between Redondo and São Miguel de Machede, hosted one of Guitarras Alto shows, where, as the official sponsor, it prepared a unique event, from mid-afternoon to sunset, integrated into the vineyard and in nature. With food and drinks, walks through the homestead, cultural traditions such as pottery, cante alentejano, wine tastings and other surprises, on a day that was unforgettable.

Herdade de São Miguel

Redondo Municipality

June 3rd

Crato / Flor da Rosa Inn


Crato Municipality and Flor da Rosa Inn honoured us by receiving Guitarras ao Alto for the first time. The Inn is located in the former Flor da Rosa Monastery, built in 1356by D. Álvaro Gonçalves Pereira, the first Prior of Crato and father of Saint D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, and where, according to historians, the latter was born. It could not, therefore, be a space more loaded with history and magic, like the music it hosted that spring afternoon.

Crato Municipality

Flor da Rosa Inn

August 3rd

Évora / Praça do Sertório / Artes à Rua


For the second consecutive year, Guitarras ao Alto was part of Artes à Rua festival in Évora. A free entrance show, to which the UNESCO World Heritage city has joined in mass, and in which the music of Francisca and Mariana refreshed a hot summer evening.

Artes à Rua

Évora Municipality


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