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In 2019, Guitarras ao Alto returned to Alentejo for the 5th time, this year with musicians Bruno Pernadas and Mário Delgado. An unprecedented meeting between two generations of guitar players that was unforgettable, also because of the historical settings that will receive them and that value Alentejo’s heritage.

This year, Guitarras ao Alto will toast to all those who come to Crato, Estremoz, Avis and Beirã-Marvão with Nunes Barata wines, from Cabeção/Mora.

The poster was created by Cláudia Guerreiro, artist, illustrator and bassist of the band Linda Martini.

This edition of Guitarras ao Alto is possible thanks to the support of Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo and Programa 365 Alentejo-Ribatejo by Turismo do Alentejo.


The Artists

Bruno Pernadas

Composer, arranger, producer, improviser. The epithets of this musician are endless, who started his musical career at the age of 13 on classical guitar, completed at the Jazz School of Hot Clube de Portugal and Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. Already with a vast discography in his own name, he has in the guitar his instrument of choice and numerous musical genres by inspiration: Folk, Jazz, Space Age-Pop, Exotic, Afro-beat, Psychedelic Rock, Electronic, Ambient…

Bruno Pernadas

Mário Delgado

A state of the art guitar player from the Hot Club de Portugal Jazz School, he has already lent his electric guitar art to musicians from all over the world and has collaborated with Portuguese musicians from jazz to rock to popular music such as Anamar, José Mário Branco, Mafalda Veiga, Lua Extravagante, Jorge Palma, Mário Laginha, Maria João and Janita Salomé. We have to particularly highlight his TGB jazz project with Alexandre Frazão and Sérgio Carolino, that has just released its third album.

Mário Delgado

Dates and Locations

May 24th

Crato / Pousada Flor da Rosa


The Municipality of Crato and Pousada Flor da Rosa welcomed Guitarras ao Alto for the second time. The Inn is located in the former Flor da Rosa Monastery, built in 1356by D. Álvaro Gonçalves Pereira, the first Prior of Crato and father of Saint D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, and where, according to historians, the latter was born.

A space loaded with history and magic, with a Game of Thrones feeling to it.

Município do Crato

Pousada Flor da Rosa

May 25th

Estremoz / Claustro do Convento das Maltezas/Centro Ciência Viva


For the third time, Guitarras ao Alto was celebrated in the town where the organizer of the event lives. Always at Maltezas Convent, one of Estremoz most emblematic and central buildings, which today houses Évora University’s Centro Ciência Viva. A national monument since 1924, it firstly was St. John of Penance Convent; afterwards it became the only place of retreat of the Knights of Rhodes in Portugal, later integrated in the Order of Malta; it also served as the home of the nuns of this Order from the sixteenth century onwards; until it became the city Hospital.

Estremoz Municipality

Centro Ciência Viva de Estremoz

May 31st

Avis / Casa das Artes


Precisely one year later, Guitarras ao Alto returned to Avis by invitation of the Municipality, but this third time the stage is another: Casa das Artes, located in a old manor house in the historic center of the village. Inaugurated this year, Avis Casa das Artes houses a music school, an area dedicated to arts formation and an exhibition gallery, among other cultural values.

Avis Municipality

June 1st

Beirã-Marvão / Trainspot


Also one year later, Guitarras ao Alto arrives for the 4th consecutive time at the old train station of Beirã-Marvão, where is located the guesthouse Trainspot of the hosts and friends Lina and Eduardo. A concert overlooking the train line, which is already one of Guitarras ao Alto trademarks. This year, those who comes early, can enjoy the unique experience of pedaling on the line with the Rail Bike Marvão.

Trainspot Guesthouse

Rail Bike Marvão


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