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Guitarras ao Alto

An unprecedented event in Portugal and exclusive to the Alentejo, inspired by music, wine, gastronomy, landscape and heritage. A return to the origins and to the countryside, that takes quality music, accessible to all, beyond the great urban centres. A hymn to the guitar and Alentejo’s interventive spirit.

“Guitarras ao Alto” is a celebratory Portuguese only expression that could be roughly translated as “Guitars to the Top”.


Alentejo is a region with a vast historical, gastronomic, wine and touristic potential. An icon of the importance of empowering the interior of Portugal. A privileged stage for singular and exclusive musical events, that asserts Alentejo’s uniqueness in the country’s cultural map.


An instrument with a long tradition in our music, that is being explored with inspiration and success by a new generation of Portuguese guitarists. The timelessness of the guitar tunes in with the time it takes to enjoy everything Alentejo has to offer. At the table and with a glass of wine.

Vasco Durão

A communication world professional for 20 years, from copywriter to brand strategist, in 2013 he moved to Estremoz (Alentejo) with his family. An incurable music lover, one day he imagined that he could put together an original music event in Alentejo. And so, Guitarras ao Alto was born.

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Maria João Lima: Guitarras ao Alto communication designer
Luís Mileu: 1st edition poster photography
João Maio Pinto: 2nd edition poster illustration
Pedro Lourenço: 3rd edition poster illustration
Ricardo Junqueira: 2nd edition photographer
Miguel Oliveira: 3rd edition photographer
José Mendes: 4th edition poster designer
Vera Marmelo: 4th edition poster photos
António Coelho (aka Mike Goes West): screeprints
FIM – forever in movies: production company partner

Maria Saldanha Daun: Media Advisory

Henrique Amaro, Luís Oliveira and the RTP team that created the 1st edition documentary, and Antena 3, that has always supported the project.
Pedro Santos: Flur and Teatro Maria Matos (Lisbon)
Lina Paz and Eduardo Salvador: Train Spot
José Júlio Vintém and Catarina Lancastre: Restaurante Tombalobos (Portalegre)
Rita Pop and José Cardoso: The Portuguese Conspiracy (London)
João Modas: Pointlist
Bruno Amaral: the geek friend
Diogo Albino: Virgo
Alexandre Relvas and Joana Queiroz: Herdade de São Miguel/Casa Relvas

All the musicians, friends, journalists, media, brands, public and private entities, locations and spaces of the shows who welcomed and joined us. The journey continues.

Partners and Support