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Para além do festival, o Guitarras ao Alto está aberto à possibilidade de trazer músicos nacionais e estrangeiros a tocar no Alentejo, assim como a gravar discos e fazer residências artísticas.


Invited by Guitarras ao Alto, Grutera recorded his third album, Sur lie, in the Barrel Tunnel of Herdade do Esporão (Alentejo). The event was supported by Esporão and the CD was released by Fnac in November 2015, accompanied by two concerts in Lisbon (Casa Independente) and Porto (Maus Habits), where Gruttera demonstrated all the strength, beauty and anguish that vibrate in his guitar.

Support and wine partner: Esporão
Publishing: Fnac
Musician photo: Vasco Durão

Video: Sur lie production at Esporão
Video: ‘Sur lie’ presentation at Casa Independente
Video: Grutera / Alentejo

Glenn Jones

In May 2016, Guitarras ao Alto brought to Alentejo (Portalegre Arts and Entertainment Center) the guitarist Glenn Jones, one of the greatest representatives of the American guitar tradition and one of the main inspirations of our project. With the Portuguese guitarist Grutera securing the first part of the show.

Glenn Jones is a master of American primitive guitar, a style invented in the late 1950s by John Fahey, whose traditional style techniques and many musical influences were used to create original modern compositions.
Jones, who was a member of the post-rock group Cul de Sac, has a particular and accurate style of playing, both on guitar and banjo, with unique tunings that create lyrical, emotive and elegant compositions. What distinguishes him from other current guitarists is perhaps his ability to tell us stories using only his instruments, thus mirroring a vast set of emotions.

Musician photo: Vasco Durão

Video: Glenn Jones / Alentejo

Steve Gunn

In May 2017, Guitarras ao Alto secured the absolute debut of the American musician Steve Gunn in Alentejo, in what was the last concert of his solo European tour. A magical night of voice and guitar in Évora, at SOIR-Jaa, organized in partnership with Pointlist, which also featured Portuguese musicians Éme and Calcutá.

Before starting an intense solo career, which features more than a dozen albums, including numerous collaborations, Steve Gunn was a guitarist in Kurt Vile’s band “The Violators”. His three most recent band format albums (“Time Off”, “Way Out Weather” and “Eyes on the Lines”) confirm him as a top composer, who never forgets his influences and references including Michael Chapman, La Monte Young, John Fahey, Jack Rose, Robbie Basho, Sandy Bull, among many other musicians and musical genres.

Musician photo: Vasco Durão

Video: Steve Gunn / Évora

Luís Martins

In February 2017, Luís Martins (well known for his work in the Portuguese band Deolinda) was in Avis, in the Church of S. Bento Convent, to record part of his first solo album, “Tentos – invenções e encantamentos “. They were in fact enchanted winter days, accompanied and recorded by Joana Sá and Helder Nelson. With the courtesy of the production company Fim, Guitarras ao Alto partner, we made a spectacular short film.

Support: Avis Municipality
Musician photo: Vasco Durão

Video: Tentos – invenções e encantamentos / Avis

Sir Richard Bishop

In June 2019, Guitarras ao Alto helped bring to Alentejo the guitar wizard and master of experimentations, Sir Richard Bishop, going through Beja and Portalegre.
The music will last forever, which we admired for a long time, but above all it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Video: Sir Richard Bishop – Radio Morocco
Richard Bishop

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